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Therapeutic Tools & Games

Qualitative Assessment tool

Want to play board game

An interactive tool for the professional, to use during the initial stages of therapy. Assisting the therapist with the gathering of qualitative information about the child. Providing a holistic view of the child, to plan future therapy or support. It provides information about aspect like: Dreams & wishes; Social relationships, Emotional intelligence, Problem solving and much more…..  

This product is available in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa as well as South Sotho.
You choose 2 languages per set!  

The focus of the board game is on the following:  

  • Building the therapeutic relationship
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Determining the process of the child (personality, problem solving, EQ etc.)

  Age range: 6 years to 16 years

A qualitative assessment tool that provide information about the child’s level of emotional intelligence as well as how emotions and the expression thereof are dealt with in the home environment.  

Age range: 4 to 13 years  

Abuse assessment tool




  • Only used by qualified people that work with sexual abuse

Projective tools

The House where the cat lives


  • Used as projective tool, like a dolls house
  • Therapist plays the role of the cat and used the cat as 3rd person to get child to talk about what is happening in the house.
  • Included: Inside and outside house (A3), family and cat

  Age range: 4 years to 16 years  

Living in two houses



  • Used as projective tool.
  • Used for children of divorced families that have to live in different houses.
  • Question cards assist to determine how the child experiences each home.
  • Included: Inside and outside house (A4) x 2; and question cards.

  Age range: 4 years to 16 years  






  • Can be used on a white board that is magnetic.
  • Can be used with The House Where the Cat Lives or Two Houses.



  • Set of 14 thick plastic cards in plastic container
  • Wonderful to use with young and old
  • Useful for children that do not want to verbalise what they feel

Age range: Children (from age 4) and adults

 Available in cards, stickers & magnets   

Ten different animals each with four different facial expressions that can be changed. A tool that can be used for roleplay between the therapist and the child. Wonderful for family projections.

Age range: 4 years to 16 years  

Emotion Cards


  • 35 emotion card set
  • With Eng and Afr wording 

 Age Range: All ages


 Emotional Expression

Emotions and the body

A tool to determine where children ‘store’ their emotions in their body. Assisting the therapist with the correct release of bottled up emotions  

Age range: 3 years to 13 years  

The ‘Little dustbin story’

An interactive story that teaches children about the healthy expression of emotions. The child and adult builds the story as it is told. The visual aspects as well as correlations in the story makes it easy for children to understand.  

Age range: 4 years to 12 years  

Feeling Board

  • Allow child to express emotions non-verbally
  • Show where in the body the feelings are experienced.
  • Assisting them to choose alternative healthy ways of expressing feelings.

Age range: 4 years to 13 years  



  • Allows the individual to rate the intensity of the emotions experienced
  • Comes in a magnet or ABS (plastic)

Age range: 4 years and up

Identifying Emotions

Emotion Wheel


Emotions stickers

A sheet of stickers, with six different emotional faces. Faces are sized to fit on a calendar. Children can utilise these stickers to communicate their feelings. Nice to use with family drawings.  

Age range: 4 to adult  

  A feeling a day… 

A useful tool for individuals to communicate their emotions. Six different emotions on chromodec board with magnets are supplied. A tool that can be utilise in various ways: Expression of an individuals emotions about a specific situation. Useful as a tool for projections. Effective tool to use with children that are and individuals that are non-verbal.  

Age range – 4 to adult  

Feelings Sheet (Emotion Sheet)


  • Comes in A4 Plastic Board or A4 Laminated sheet
  • Both can be cut out and used as cards

Age Range: All ages


Other tools

Careers in a suitcase

  • Computer program
  • Qualitative tool to develop an understanding of the different careers and skills required for each career.
  • Also gives the therapist and idea of the career category that the individual is most interest in.
  • Upgraded yearly

  Age range: 15 years to 19 years     

Wall watches:


  • Wonderful for young children in therapy.
  • Allows child to tak responsibility to keep to the time.
  • “Stick the flower on the 12, when the bee has flown all the way to the 12 it’s time to go home.”

Sign boards:

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